Year 5 and 6 Writing Workshop with amazing author Lisa Thompson

This afternoon Year 5 and 6 welcomed professional author Lisa Thompson into class, to be inspired and enthralled in equal measure. Here is their report :-

Lisa Thompson is the author of three books :- The Goldfish Boy, The Lightjar and The Day I was erased. She got her initial ideas by playing games as a child, but it took her three years to write her first book.  Her first job was for BBC4 and BBC2. Her first book The Goldfish Boy was inspired by her sister.

Lisa asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up, answers ranged from a police woman to an artist, an architect to a ballet dancer. Next we listened to sound effects and we had to think about how to turn it into a story. Ella said ” The workshop has really helped me think about what I might write for the 500 word competition.”

Maddy exclaimed ” I remember that she told us the very first line of any book is the most important.” Nina thought it would intrigue us to be prepared to edit our work and improve it.


We look forward to reading your entries for the competition year 5 and 6 ! Maybe one day you will be famous authors too.


Lisa telling us about her life.

She read a chapter of her book.




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