Quadkids Extravaganza

Wednesday 5thJune at Lynnsport
Another day of sport, fantastic performances and more reasons to be proud of Sandringham’s children.
Quadkids consists of 10 children, 5 girls and 5 boys, competing in 4 events. They gain points for every second of their races and every centimetre of their throw and jump, similar to a pentathlon so it’s a slightly different concept for the children. However, they listened brilliantly and rose to the challenges of the day. In the morning it was the turn of the 3/4s, we were one of 10 schools competing for 2 qualifying places at Norwich.The event was made up of:
 A 400m run, 6om sprint, Howler javelin throw and a standing long jump. 
As all the events were made up of two heats we had no idea of how we were doing until the results were announced. The only thing I was certain of was that our boys and girls couldn’t have tried any harder even in the 400m which was quite any eye opener. They supported each other, running alongside in shifts encouraging them home even after doing it themselves. Nobody gave up, it was wonderful.
As the results were announced, the positions were getting closer to those top two and we had not been mentioned, 4thplace came and went, 2ndand 3rdwere separated by 11 points. Then our name was called, so close! Terrington and Shouldham had beaten us but it was an extraordinary achievement by 10 children who went out did their very best and most importantly enjoyed themselves.
It was the turn of the 5/6s in the afternoon, amongst the boys were 3 year 4s, 2 of which had competed in the morning. It was exactly the same format as the morning except there were only 9 schools in attendance. Several of these children had competed last year and knew the run and sprint, 600m and 75m this time, would be very difficult. Once again they rallied around each other, supporting, cheering and urging their teammates on, their commitment never in doubt. They performed brilliantly, giving it their all and finished a very creditable 5th.
We went to Lynnsport, against the large schools, had fun and competed!
I was told by the organiser. “ Your children performed out of their skins, they really couldn’t have given anymore. They are a credit to you all.”
A superb effort from and fantastic well done to:
Keira, Taylor, Ben, Nina, Gracie, Oliver, Lilly, Kaden, Elliot W, Tommy, Darcie, Daisy, George, Pleasance, Libby, Elizabeth, Henry and Elliott H.
A huge thank you as well to Miss Leftley, for all the fabulous coaching and organising, as well as taking the children to the event.

Mrs Gardener

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