Netball news

29/11/19 @ KES

It was a long active day for our children, following their activities at Lynnsport the netball team arrived at KES for the final Meet before Christmas. It was cold but dry although darker than usual, I thought. We knew it would be a hard evening as we would be playing 2 of the top teams as it transpired we played all 3 of the top teams. The team battled against the odds at times but narrowly lost the first two games. The third proved very difficult, although we won against them in the first meet, Downham Prep came out fighting, our team just couldn’t match them on the night.

Despite their obvious disappointment and tears of frustration of trying so hard, the children maintained their sportsmanship and composure congratulating the winning teams. We are still third and the next meet is 31/01/20.

Well Done to:

Clara, Elliott H, Lilly, Ella, Tabitha, Chloe, Sienna.