Superstars-After the Easter Holidays

After the Easter break.

Look at this busy lot! These superstars have been very busy and have posted their work on Tapestry. I thought you would like to see your friends too. Georgina has been adding, doubling and subtracting, Taliah has been doing her maths and phonics everyday without fail. Here she is with her homemade and very sophisticated clock to help her with her o’clock times last week. Stellan has been doing his phonics, maths and Literacy lessons. Here he is with his science experiment and finding out what colours he can make by mixing the primary colours. You can see how busy Alva has been as this is her beautifully cursive written sentence and she is holding her model that she built to test her family with their estimation skills and her maths facts skills. Alva has also been working on her maths and phonics everyday. William is here doing his timed racing maths lesson. He raced Mum to see who would be the quickest while skipping. He has been doing lots of his lessons and has been remembering and singing the days of the week song beautifully. He also went clock spotting while out on an afternoon walk. Ellenie has been very busy. This picture was from her maths lesson this week, where she had to boil an egg for exactly four minutes in order to make it just perfect. She has also built her own garden, written lots of beautiful sentences in phonics and timed herself doing many activities in her paddling pool.

Well done!

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