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Hi Everyone

I have already uploaded two phonics and one maths for this coming week and I will add the rest over the next few days. I plan to post four phonics and four maths each week now as this will leave you a day to consolidate any areas that you think your child could benefit from revisiting, and also to leave time to look at science, literacy, music, DT and hopefully show and tell.

The maths topic this week has moved back to focusing on number: bonds of 10 and exploring numbers within 100.

The resources you will find helpful will be the whiteboard, pen, 10 items to count and add, 2 plates and a 100 square. There will be other bits along the week but they will all be things that you can quickly grab from rooms around the house.

Phonics stays with reading and writing words with adjacent consonant sounds, common exception words and sentence reading and writing.

I uploaded a literacy lesson at the end of last week that continues on from the information text lesson (literacy lesson 2). It focuses on information texts again and it will be a good idea to have your info book when watching the lesson. It moves on to consider people that help us in our communities and our world and asks the children to make an information text about people that help us. The video has suggested links for your research but I have also attached to this email, a few helpful activities and resources to accompany the links.

Another activity that links to people that help us, is a design and Technology activity. Could you design and make a vehicle for somebody that helps us. You could make one that looks and works like a vehicle that already exists (e.g an ambulance) or you could design and make a vehicle that doesn’t exist…yet.

Please access Charanga music using your logins for another music lesson.

I haven’t added ideas for P.E. because I can see that many of you are including lots of lovely walks and activities that are fun and healthy.

I have also attached a link for another science exploration. The Star Home Learning attachment has some very splendid ideas for science exploration. Could you have a look at pages 16-19 for this week’s challenge that has a musical instrument theme.

Have a super week.

Keep adding your marvelous observations to Tapestry, I really do appreciate them.

Take care

Jackie Patnell

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