It was fabulous to hear and see so much learning going on last week! Everyone has been extremely busy – So busy in fact, I wonder whether any of you had any time to relax! Keep it up!

Some highlights:

PETS: Tabitha and Elliott wrote some very convincing things about keeping pets.

PERISCOPES: Darcie enjoyed making her very own periscope.

LIGHT EXPLORER: Henry did some fascinsting work seeing how light travels.

BOOK REVIEWERS: Elizabeth & Elliot wrote about a book they had read and have convinced me to possibly try them out myself!

WRITERS: Tabitha has been working on her formaility and word work, whilst Elliott has produced some excellent diary entries.

MATHS: Lots of you have been completing the maths set and Tabitha has had a go at some challenges too.

KINGSWOOD CHALLENGES: It was great to see so many dens being made and Darcie and Elliott even had a go at making their own beds!

FUN: I am so pleased to see some of you making time to enjoy the week. Darcie getting some board game time and Elliott practising his snorkelling skills!


Such busy bees! I am excited to see what this week brings!

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