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Fakenham Football Tournament

On Tuesday 8 children from years 5/6 took part in a Tournament organised by Fakenham Junior School. They travelled by car and to say they were excited is a bit of an understatement, as football competitions are not something readily available in our cluster so it was all rather new.  Then they saw there was a large, shiny cup for the winners!

Despite the organisers trying very hard to get schools involved there were only 4 teams but the matches were exciting with everyone taking part in a very sporting way. They all played brilliantly and worked hard as a team on and off the pitch, covering, assisting and supporting each other throughout.  We finished 2nd overall, losing 1-0 to Lyng, the final kick of the match being a shot at their goal skimming the crossbar.

In the semi-finals 1st place Lyng played 4th place while Sandringham played 3rd place, with both of us winning it was a Lyng verses Sandringham Final. It was end to end action with some good saves made by both goalkeepers but they carried on working as a team and went on to win 2-0.

Everyone enjoyed the morning and although it was a competition, their drive to win did not overshadow their care and compassion for opposing players who took knocks and got hurt.

It did not go unnoticed by the other coaches and players.

Fantastic Team Effort!

Pixie, Harriet, George, Harry, Sam, Charlie, Finlay, Lenny


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