Sailing update

Sailing Week 2

It was a glorious Monday afternoon at Snettisham, sunny with a gentle breeze, ideal conditions. For some it was their first session but they soon got the hang of  it with the help of everyone else and it didn’t take long for them all to be out on the water, having fun. The breeze changed direction a couple of times and halfway through the session it dropped and rumbles of thunder could be heard out at sea, so the boats came in, although the sun continued to shine.

However with everyone itching to get wet the children divided into 2 teams and a paddle boat relay race took place. One team went off very quickly but were rather keen in their change over deciding to do it a little further from the shore which meant they had difficulty in getting into their boat.  Whilst the others came to shore changed over and got away first time and went on to win, although the result didn’t seem to matter.

The thunder rumbled off into the North Sea causing us no problems and the children carried on having fun and thoroughly enjoying themselves.


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