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Netball Festival @ Lynnsport Years 3 and 4
On Thursday 12 children took part in the Netball festival, an opportunity for them to play a
simplified game against other schools in a fun environment although they were still more
concerned with the result of each game. There were 6 children in a team and 4 on court at any
one time, there were no rules on where you were allowed and everyone could shoot and
There were 4 courts and 4 pools, where we played everyone and then they were all rearranged
and played a further 2 games in their new pools. It was all very exciting and it took a few
minutes to get to grips with being able to be anywhere on court but they soon adapted and as
the morning progressed they became more confident and fluid in their play.
Mrs Sizeland’s group, Zacki, Arlo, Georgina, Bridget, Harriet and Alice, played both St Martha’s
teams, Dersingham and Anthony Curton, drawing 0-0 in each game, their last was against St
German’s, where they finished with a win and scoring twice.
The other group, Nyla, Maisie, Ollie, August, Florence and Elennie, played Dersingham and
Glebe winning 2-1, St Martha’s losing 1-0, Holly Meadows winning 2-0 and then finished off the
morning with a 2-0 win over the other Glebe team.
It was a well-organized event with 16 teams taking part which was enjoyed by all the children,
with Georgina and Florence getting team player of the morning. They all really got to grips with
playing against other children and did a great job.



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