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The reception class starts together full time in September of the year in which they are five.
The Little wandle phonics scheme is used to support reading and writing. Children build up a phonics library of sounds in their book bag and parents can support the classroom work by helping the child finish the colouring, learn the action that accompanies the sound and also the correct letter formation in writing.
The children learn to read using the Little Wandle books.  The books are used during supported reading sessions during the school day and are sent home each day for the children to read with parents.
Most of the learning is supported through guided and child initiated play.
‘Show and Tell’ is a feature with the children who are encouraged to tell the class about something that is special to them – so do not forget to bring something in – it can be anything from a toy to a photograph.
Norman the class dog is allowed to visit a child’s house each day; this supports various learning objectives in the Foundation Stage Profile.
The class is involved in the school Nativity play which is part of the Christmas service at the church.
An outing is planned for each term, with a joint Christmas trip with Years 1 & 2. In recent years we have visited the toy museum in Park House, the Royal Stud, the Butterfly Park, Thursford, Princess Theatre, Sea Life Centre.


Planning for the Autumn term 2021 can be found here :-


Reception Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 2021


Check out our latest gallery from Reception learning.

Welcome to our new Reception class

Posted on September 6th, 2022

Welcome everyone to Reception 2022! Here is our planning overview, timetable and newsletter for the first half of the Autumn term.

.Autumn 1 All About Me

Reception Timetable Autumn 1

Welcome letter.


Mrs Gardener, Mrs Bamfield and Mrs O’Brien

Welcome Back to the Summer Term

Posted on April 24th, 2022

If you haven’t seen the timetable for Reception for this Summer term or our welcome back letter, then please have a read by clicking on the links below.

Summer 1 welcome back letter 2022EYFS Summer 1 timetable 2022

Welcome back everyone

Posted on September 8th, 2021

Dear Parents and carers and all our wonderful children, staff and governors.

A huge welcome back, it is wonderful to see everyone back together, especially seeing you all playing on the field and on the playground. Below is our first general newsletter and you will also be receiving individual newsletters from your classes, with timetables and planning overviews . If you have any questions please speak to me or your class teacher at drop off or pick up, or feel free to call the school  office.



Kind regards


Mrs Gardener

Art in the Heart Gallery

Posted on March 1st, 2021

Well done everyone that has sent in a contribution to the Art in the Heart Gallery, the work is wonderful, have a look and see if you can spot yours.


Thank you to Mrs Cressingham for arranging the project.

Here is the link.

Mrs Gardener


General Covid letter

Posted on November 8th, 2020

Dear Parents

You may be aware we have had a confirmed case in our year 3 and 4 class. The rest of the school remains open.Please read the letter below for further advice.

general covid letter (1)

If you have any questions please call the school office.


Mrs Gardener

Norfolk Libraries Summer Reading Challenge

Posted on June 14th, 2020

Even though  libraries are closed at the moment, the annual summer reading challenge will still be taking place. This year the theme comes under the title, Silly Squad!

Watch the link below to learn all about this year’s challenge:

How to join the 2020 Challenge

Step 1:Join the challenge at Parents will need to set up their own account first before setting up their children to make sure they have permission to take part.

Step 2:Set your own challenge. Children are still encouraged to read at least 6 books but you can set your own challenge for more – it’s a long time until September! You can even adjust it as time goes on.

Step 3:Get reading!

Step 4:After you finish your first book, log back in at and log your book! Get virtual rewards and unlock new buddies as you get closer to your target.

What to read?

You can ANYTHING you like – books you have at home, books you have bought home from school, library books you still have on loan. You can try the ebook library, which you can browse here: you can borrow books to read and books to listen to. It’s free, you just need a library card.

If you don’t have a library card, don’t worry, you can still join the library here:

Happy reading everyone!

Mrs Brice

Reception News

Posted on May 10th, 2020

Another busy week for our Reception pupils. Alva has been doing some perfect writing and even had a go at writing on her blackboard. Ellenie has been busy writing sentences too. Georgina made some brilliant bunting and lots of tasty treats to celebrate VE day on Friday. Stellan has been a scientist this week and has been looking at different different materials and discussing if they are solid, liquid or gas. He has also been observing caterpillars and their journey through their change into butterflies. He also has a duck and her seven ducklings living in his garden and has been looking after them and feeding them from his own hand! Taliah has been working really hard for the whole period of isolation. She is working on her number of the day in this picture. She also has a new chicken called Burt. William built his own Lego crocodile this week. He followed the instructions by himself and built it perfectly. Harriet has been busy with phonics and Literacy. This picture was from a lovely video of her singing the alphabet song.

Thank you for your brilliant Tapestry entries.

Work for w/c 11th May 2020

Posted on May 10th, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I am uploading phonics tonight. We are looking at common exception words in greater detail and thinking more about making our own sentences and writing those.

Maths has a focus on capacity and measurement this week. I will begin uploading these tomorrow. If you want to do the activities during the video then lesson 1 will require 2 jugs that will hold different amounts and then 2 teapots (or something different to jugs) that hold different amounts and water. For the stretch task after the video, you will need 3 cups, 3 teddies and a teapot.

The second lesson uses bottles of different capacity, a cup,labels, water and a funnel.

The third lesson uses rice, card to make you own cone, sellotape, a jug and a cup

The fourth lesson requires chalk, toy cars, a metre ruler or tape measure

You could just watch me do it on the video but it will be good for the children to have their own measuring to do either during or after the video as this will be a good opportunity to hear them talk about the activity and record any good quotes from their exploration.

I have recorded 4 phonics and 4 maths again so that you have a day to revisit anything that you think they might not have understood or could do with going over again. This will also give you time for music, science, DT and Literacy.

I hope that the science document that I sent you opened up ok as it was a big document. I haven’t set any new science as I don’t think that anyone has had time to do the music themed experiment that I set last week. The document and pages you need to look at are attached and referenced in last Sundays email.

I hope you have had a chance to look at the second Literacy lesson on information texts and that you have had a chance to start your own non-fiction information book on the topic of ‘people that help us’. I put a link onto the YouTube video for some good places to research your topic beforehand.

I hope everyone is doing well and feeling fine. There is now hope that we may all be together again before the end of the academic year and I look forward to this immensely.

Keep being excellent at Tapestry!

Jackie P

Home Learning 4th May 2020

Posted on May 4th, 2020



Hi Everyone

I have already uploaded two phonics and one maths for this coming week and I will add the rest over the next few days. I plan to post four phonics and four maths each week now as this will leave you a day to consolidate any areas that you think your child could benefit from revisiting, and also to leave time to look at science, literacy, music, DT and hopefully show and tell.

The maths topic this week has moved back to focusing on number: bonds of 10 and exploring numbers within 100.

The resources you will find helpful will be the whiteboard, pen, 10 items to count and add, 2 plates and a 100 square. There will be other bits along the week but they will all be things that you can quickly grab from rooms around the house.

Phonics stays with reading and writing words with adjacent consonant sounds, common exception words and sentence reading and writing.

I uploaded a literacy lesson at the end of last week that continues on from the information text lesson (literacy lesson 2). It focuses on information texts again and it will be a good idea to have your info book when watching the lesson. It moves on to consider people that help us in our communities and our world and asks the children to make an information text about people that help us. The video has suggested links for your research but I have also attached to this email, a few helpful activities and resources to accompany the links.

Another activity that links to people that help us, is a design and Technology activity. Could you design and make a vehicle for somebody that helps us. You could make one that looks and works like a vehicle that already exists (e.g an ambulance) or you could design and make a vehicle that doesn’t exist…yet.

Please access Charanga music using your logins for another music lesson.

I haven’t added ideas for P.E. because I can see that many of you are including lots of lovely walks and activities that are fun and healthy.

I have also attached a link for another science exploration. The Star Home Learning attachment has some very splendid ideas for science exploration. Could you have a look at pages 16-19 for this week’s challenge that has a musical instrument theme.

Have a super week.

Keep adding your marvelous observations to Tapestry, I really do appreciate them.

Take care

Jackie Patnell

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