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christian_faith_004Our school is a Diocese of Norwich Church of England Primary Academy and as such is distinctive in its collective worship. There is a daily act of Christian worship when the whole school meets to sing, pray and reflect together. It is a very special time and sets the day off to a good start. The children enjoy taking part singing, listening to and reflecting on music, taking part in drama activities, or listening to stories from the Bible and accounts of real lives.

The head teacher, members of staff and the local clergy lead collective worship in the hall and parents and friends are welcome any day.

The school visits the local church to celebrate the main Christian festivals: for example, Harvest, Christingle, Christmas, Candlemas, Easter and Ascension. We also attend communion services each term, again parents, friends and school governors are invited to these services. The children take an active part through readings, music, and prayers. The collective worship themes are planned and recorded for each term and are available in the front entrance hall of the school.

We often have visitors who lead the collective worship. A representative from the Open the Book,  brings a different style of worship to our school.

Through World Vision the school sponsors Alma Khatun, a child who lives in Bangledesh. Monies collected each week helps to pay for housing, health care and education. It is a very good way for the children to learn that they can make a difference to society.

Spirituality is very central to our ethos and aims. Read our spirituality policy here :-

Spirituality Policy

Please see below for links to RE policy and statement of entitlement for RE, plus our Collective worship policy,


Collective Worship Policy Apr21

RE Statement of Entitlement for Church Schools

Please contact the head teacher if you wish to withdraw your child from collective worship.

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