From September 1st 2018 Sandringham and West Newton became an Academy under the Diocese of Norwich Educational Academy Trust (DNEAT). At the same time the school moved from being in partnership with the nearby school of Flitcham Primary Academy to forming a formal federation – The Sandringham Federation. As such the governors are now one federated governing board. The Governors of our school bring energy, experience and fresh ideas into the education arena. Our Governors are interested, enthusiastic and committed. They each belong to sub committees to effectively oversee the day-to-day running of the school. They work in partnership with the Head to challenge and raise standards, agree standards of behaviour, and assist with budget issues. Together, Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities that guide and shape the development of the School.
Governors attend functions at School, conduct monitoring  and observe lessons. They are very much a part of the team, providing challenge and support where necessary.


Governors and attendance records 2020-2021



Governors’ statement of self assessment 2020-2021

LGB Self-Assessment Form 2020-2021

Here is our statement of governance for 2019-2020

Governors’ statement

You can see a list of governors and their responsibilities here.

DNEAT Governance Arrangements 2019-2020

Scheme of Delegation – Sandringham Estate Federation – 2019-20

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DNEAT Record of Committee Members and Designated Governors 2018-19 (1)    


Additional governor information with terms of office dates is below:-



A message from the chair of Governors:

School is about learning. We all understand that; and the enlightened education of our children is and always will remain our priority.But schooling, in the truest sense of the word, should be about so much more besides.
When first I came to this school I was struck with its very special Christian ethos and ‘extended family’ feel. Certainly the school’s setting and support from the Church, village and Estate communities are exceptional, but the really distinguishing feature has always been the caring, courteous and considerate behaviour of our children towards their peers and adults alike.

In our role as Governors, and with the leadership of our inspired and inspiring staff, we have sought to preserve and build upon those best of foundations. The Governors will also continue to support enrichment of the core curriculum with artistic, musical, sporting and community activities wherever and whenever possible.

We will endeavour to assist all our children in fulfilling their potential, while at the same time doing what we can to produce citizens of whom we can all be proud.
As Governors, we aim to be visible and approachable. In your child’s time with the school, please do feel free to contact me with any suggestions or issues of concern, via the contact us page or school address.
Roger Wood

Our Governors

You can see a list of governors and their responsibilities here.

DNEAT Record of Committee Members and Designated Governors 2018-19 (1)


The governors agreed to the DNEAT governor code of conduct on 11th October 2018.

DNEAT LGB Code of Conduct 2018-2019



Governors’ meeting attendance registers 2017-2018

ATTENDANCE REGISTER 17-18 (2) ATTENDANCE REGISTER 17-18 without cttees doc

Governors Meeting Attendance 2016-2017

Governor report 2016-2017

Governing Body Report 2015-2016

Strategic Future of the School

The governing body has been instrumental in the decision to become part of the Diocese of Norwich Education and Academic Trust and this process is now underway. The governors have been meeting regularly with the governors of Flitcham Primary Academy, with whom we began a formal partnership between the two schools from September 2016. This will in turn become a federation when Sandringham and West Newton becomes a DNEAT academy. The governors hope that this will occur in the Spring term.

Governing Body Report 2014-2015

Strategic Future of the School

Much time was given throughout the year in debating the future of the school and the soundest way forward to maintaining its present strengths and viability within a rapidly changing educational landscape. Presentations by representatives from the Diocese of Norwich Education and Academic Trust were given to the governors, visits to governors of other local schools were made by the Chair and Vice-Chair and the Executive Head of a local Federation of Schools outlined the concept and ramifications of proceeding down this path.

Presentations by members of the NCC as regards future status were made to provide an overall perspective of what lies ahead financially and logistically in respective of any reorganisation.

Headteacher appointment
Much time and energy was also given to discussion and procedure in undertaking the successful appointment of a new Headteacher upon the retirement of Mrs Brand.

The reconstitution of the governing body with some minor changes took place during the year.

Governors Self Evaluation 2015

The Chair of the governors put into place a process of self evaluation to governors in which they were asked to assess their knowledge and effectiveness as governors. A self assessment questionnaire was devised, completed and returned and discussed, with the consequent issues discussed. It is intended to circulate the key questions on again next year to maintain continuing self evaluation.

Governors are encouraged to visit the school as often as possible and undertake some form of evaluation of teaching and learning which is recorded as advised and which has been commended by OFSTED.

Teaching and Learning
The curriculum committee discussed in depth with the Head the identification of some weakness in mathematics within the school and relevant procedures were put into place. Governors will be keen to see future results in this area.
Key changes in the criteria applicable to school inspection were discussed in detail at both curriculum and full governor’s meetings.

The governing body decided to proceed with the next stage of development of the school buildings, namely the building of toilet facilities to cater for Years 1 and 2, so negating the need for children to leave the classroom area, an issue highlighted by OFSTED. Further work on the structure of the school is also earmarked for completion in the following academic year.

The Governing Body adhere to the agreed Code of Conduct approved at the FGB on May 19th 2016

Governor Dashboard KS1
Governor Dashboard KS2

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