Website-pics-2014-001-300x225Together we work to build a school offering a balanced and purposeful curriculum reflecting Christian ethics and principles.
Enrichment, creativity and enjoyment are given particular emphasis.
Everyone,  from all faiths and none,  is given opportunities to achieve to the very best of their ability, and individuality is encouraged, recognised and valued.
We promote caring, courteous and considerate qualities to prepare our students for a future of positive, meaningful citizenship.

Recently we have worked with all stakeholders to refresh out school vision , in light of the new academic year, our new federation and the new SIAMS inspection framework, ensuring it is rooted in a theological text. Through everyone working together, parents, staff, pupils and governors we have chosen the Parable of The Sower.  Our vision comes from the the bible passage Luke 8:11 – The seed is the Word of God. The children spoke about being in a rural area, living and growing up surrounded by nature. They liked the idea that they too are seeds and school is where they grow, nurtured by everything around them. They really liked the idea of it all being part of life, especially the phrase we grow through what we go through.



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Headteacher: Jane Gardener

Secretary: Trish Birrell

Sandringham and West Newton Primary School
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