Welcome back to year 1 and 2

Posted on January 10th, 2020

Welcome back to everyone in Year 1 and 2. Please find below all of the information about what you will be learning about and the timetable.

Timetable year 1 and 2 Spring

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Mrs Gibson

New diary Dates

Posted on January 10th, 2020

Dear All,

Please find latest diary dates below, these have been emailed to you all too.


Spring term 1 dates[1]

Welcome back and Happy New Year !

Posted on January 5th, 2020

Dear Parents and Pupils,


Happy New Year! Welcome back to 2020 and an exciting new term. You will start to see your welcome back letters. timetables and planning overviews showing what you will be learning, appearing on your class pages over the next week. It looks like you will be learning about some exciting new things. Our new Christian Value is Courage and we will be focussing on this for this first half of the Spring term.  This will link to our new programme for Personal Development, which we will be launching this week. What essentials characteristics do we need to succeed in life ? We will be looking at the following over the year :-

Trying new things

Working hard


Being imaginative

Trying to improve

Being understanding

Not giving up

I look forward to welcoming you back to school tomorrow.

Mrs Gardener

Sports hall achievement at Lynnsport

Posted on December 8th, 2019



Sportshall Athletics is run similar to the Decathlon in that every second/centimetre from each activity, represent a number of points which are then added together to create a final score. Events include: speed bounce, vertical jump, long jump, five strides, javelin, chest throw, 1/1 lap, 2/2 lap, 4/1 lap and 4/1 obstacle relays. During the whole day 20 small and large primary schools took part, with only one boys and girls team qualifying for the Winter Games in Norwich, as it happens it was North Wootton Boys and Holly Meadows girls that won with the most points from the two sessions.

Eighteen of our girls and boys took part participating in up to 4 events each, 2 track and 2 field. As a small school many of our year 3 were included which was a little daunting but everyone tried their best, listening to instructions and supporting each other. They performed brilliantly and never gave up and were rewarded with a creditable 5th {girls} and 7th {boys} for the morning session. Following the afternoon session, the final placings were 11th place for the girls and 15th for the boys. To put these placings in perspective both our teams were in the top 3 had it of been a small schools event which is a magnificent performance. They all said they had enjoyed themselves and competing. Thank you to Mrs Massen and Mrs Day for supervising the field events.


Leyla, Sally, Anna, Maisey, Pixie, Annabel, Amelia, Emelia, Harriet R, Cole, Dexter, Charles, Sam, Charlie D, Harry, Max, Finlay and George

Netball news

Posted on December 1st, 2019

29/11/19 @ KES

It was a long active day for our children, following their activities at Lynnsport the netball team arrived at KES for the final Meet before Christmas. It was cold but dry although darker than usual, I thought. We knew it would be a hard evening as we would be playing 2 of the top teams as it transpired we played all 3 of the top teams. The team battled against the odds at times but narrowly lost the first two games. The third proved very difficult, although we won against them in the first meet, Downham Prep came out fighting, our team just couldn’t match them on the night.

Despite their obvious disappointment and tears of frustration of trying so hard, the children maintained their sportsmanship and composure congratulating the winning teams. We are still third and the next meet is 31/01/20.

Well Done to:

Clara, Elliott H, Lilly, Ella, Tabitha, Chloe, Sienna.