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Netball competition

Posted on March 13th, 2022

U11 County Netball Tournament

This was a new tournament, a one off event where schools are invited to take part and crowned U11 Norfolk County Champions.

The schools are divided into 2 pools of 5 and matches are played on a round robin basis, teams then progressing to the Cup and Plate finals.

St Martha’s and ourselves were the only schools from the west of the county, others that took part were; Gresham’s, who hosted, Norwich School, NHS for Girls, Wreningham, 2 teams, Woodlands, Langley Prep and Town Close.

The children did themselves proud and with each match their confidence grew. After all, there have been no competitions for over 2 years and none of the team has ever experienced playing netball competitively, playing against your friends is vastly different.

Our final match was against St Martha’s which was a friendly, relaxed way to end the day.

The weather held and it was lovely to be competing again.

Great Effort!

Sally-Louise, Maisey, Leyla, Pixie, Amelia, Harry, Charlie and Finlay.

Speed stacking

Posted on February 20th, 2022

Speed Stacking

On Friday afternoon 8 children from each Key Stage visited Lynn Sport to try Speed Stacking. There were 6 other schools in Key Stage 1 and 7 in Key Stage 2 and they played against each other in a round robin, running to the table, stacking and unstacking the cups then hi-fiving the next person to go, again no times were taken. It was a new experience for many and as the afternoon wore on, the more times they played, the quicker they got.

The Leaders that ran the tables were very good and the

children had lots of fun!

“I enjoyed trying to get quicker.”

“I liked trying to beat someone and Hi-fiving each other.”


“It was lots of fun.”

“I enjoyed it as there was running involved too.”

“I liked it as it was all very fast.”


“I thought it was really fun going against other schools.”





Emily, Louisa, Sophia, Grace, Chloe, Zalia, Mila, William, Evelyn, Alva, Nyla, Georgina, Beatrice, Seb and Ellenie.


Thank you to Mrs Day, Mrs Collison, Miss Crawford and Miss Leftley for accompanying

Sporting success – Tag Rugby

Posted on February 20th, 2022


It’s super to see the children so excited about taking part in the various sporting events that are now taking place.

On Wednesday 8, 5/6s went to West Norfolk Rugby Club and took part in the Tag Rugby Festival, organised by the Cluster and run by Young Sports Leaders.  As it was a festival rather than a competition, no scores were taken, it was more about learning and enjoying the experience although given there was a ball involved and they were tagging each other it might well have been a competition.  Along with 13 other schools we were divided into pools and played rounds.

They all said they had enjoyed the experience and would like to do it again.

“I really enjoyed it.”

“Sportsmanship and shaking hands was good.”

“I enjoyed playing but would have preferred it to be longer, we didn’t get to play our last match.”

“I gave it 100% effort.”

“I enjoyed the experience, playing against other schools but would have preferred it to be a competition.”

Leyla, Cole, Dexter, Tommy, Harriet, Finlay, Sam and George.


A big thank you to Mrs Mountain for taking them.

Blood experts

Posted on January 17th, 2022

In Science last week, we started off looking into the functions of our blood and also what makes up our blood.

And what better way than to use food to show this: So we used white marshmallows, sprinkles, pineapple juice, raspberries. This showed our blood up close.

The class then looked at lots of different close up images of blood in order to spot the cells etc, and then they got to choose the art medium they wanted to recreate one of those images.

They came out rather well…


Volley Ball Omnes Games Year 5 and 6 day

Posted on January 16th, 2022

Read the full report from the Year 5 and 6 trip to play volleyball at the OMNES games here



Spring term 2022…

Posted on January 10th, 2022

I hope you all had a restful Christmas break.

The children have started back into the Spring term ready to learn and full of motivation!

*Our Christian value has been introduced for this half term: COURAGE and the class have been busy creating recipes for how to be courageous. Some superb conversations came out of this.

*We have made a start on our new novel: Wolf Brother and already the comments of ‘I hate cliff hangers,’ and ‘Don’t stop there!’ have been said. A great start if I may say so myself.


Here’s to a great Spring term!

Mrs Reddey

Gardening club News

Posted on December 13th, 2021

For the last Gardening Club session of this term we made Christmas Arrangements using cuttings taken from the school garden.   The children chose their cuttings and made their pots as Christmassy as possible.  They were delightful!

We have had a very productive term and have planted garlic, onions and broad beans to over-winter ready for an early spring harvest.  We have also installed a larger pond which we hope will attract lots of wildlife to our garden.  Sadly an old fir tree fell down in the strong winds and landed across our vegetable beds but we hope our seedlings will survive and grow again once the tree has been removed.

Dogeball fun

Posted on November 28th, 2021

Omnes Games 2021/22 KS1&2          DODGEBALL

A group of 8 children from each Key Stage went to Lynn Sport to take part in the first of 6 events in the Omnes Games. These games are festivals rather than competitions, allowing children to experience new games that we wouldn’t normally do in school. We were one of six schools taking part in each key stage, learning whilst playing the game against each other without the pressure of actually winning or losing. All the children said they had lots of fun and really enjoyed the experience, their comments were great.

“My favourite part was moving about and jumping out of the way.”

“I caught the ball and everyone was able to get back in twice.”

“I liked throwing the ball.”

“Dodgeball was amazing. I loved the teamwork, everybody participates.”

“I really liked it, I thought it was going to be scary but I loved it!”

“I’m really proud of myself and us who went.”


Cross Country Finals !

Posted on November 25th, 2021

Cross Country Finals

On Tuesday 23rd November at Lynnsport, 40 schools were represented by approximately 450 children, covering years 3,4,5,&6, boys and girls, with at least 50 children  in each race, it was going to be a real experience.

It was an ideal morning to be running and our three children rose to the task and competed superbly, finishing a very creditable 6th, 13th and  21st, against the top ten children from the other sports clusters of West Norfolk.

A Brilliant Effort from Dylan, Isaac R and Neve.

Multiskills sports festival

Posted on November 21st, 2021

Multiskills Festival

KES 18.11.21

Multiskills is a year 3/4 festival and as its name suggests includes different equipment and skills to play small games. It is part of the ENGAGE area of sport which focuses on children who enjoy sport but don’t necessarily play it outside of school.

Eleven children took part, joining up with 7 other schools, there were 8 different activities which were run by the cluster team leaders.

It was an enjoyable event and all the children gave it their best and had lots of fun, their smiles and laughter proved that, so much so they taught 2 of the games to the rest of the class in their PE session that afternoon.

A great effort from;

 Louisa, George, Emily, Fynley, Grace, Chloe, Sophia, Lexi, Zalia, Charlie and Mila.

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